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If you ever create a garden for children don’t forget the snapdragons. The little ones love to pinch the “dragon mouths” to make them snap open and at times the plant looks like it’s pouting with indignation against the uninvited pestering. It releases delightful fragrance as it snaps back shut, relieved to be finally left alone.

Snapdragons are willful plants, they don’t like being trained, contained or selectively bred. Their offshoots sprout all over the place and grow as tall as they please, reverting to the original color and demeanor in the process. For instance these pretty flowers are the descendants of a miniature and very compact hybrid painted in delicate pastel hues of blush and butter cream.

They decided to grow in the rose bush and I wouldn’t dream of bothering them, you can plant a snapdragon but you can’t make it grow where you want it to. They will undulate underneath perennial clumps, arch over the grass, disturb the height harmony of the flower border, sport unexpected colors in the middle of the carefully designed color scheme and still pout at even the thought of compliance.

If the concept of plant personality seems strange I can assure you that all plants have one and will assert it fiercely. As you can clearly see in this picture the snapdragons are not pleased.