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morning glories

On 08, Sep 2011 | No Comments | In vines | By All Year Garden

Just when I was wondering why the morning glories stopped blooming I realized they moved up to the tree canopy. I guess sharing trellis space with the cucumbers, sweet peas, and squash was too much for them and they decided to search for greener pastures, in this case greener pine needles.

The garden is breathing a sigh of relief after the scorching heat of summer. Plants with delicate petals make it a habit to close their flowers at midday to protect them from damage. Morning glories got their name because they do best in the early morning sunlight, just like four o’clocks got theirs for opening late in the afternoon. The truth is the flowers of both plants will open when they have just the right amount of sun exposure, regardless of the time of day. On cloudy, rainy or cool days they will stay open all day long.