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the cat in the greenhouse

On 11, Oct 2012 | 4 Comments | In the daily gardener | By All Year Garden

I was visiting our local garden store to buy a few needed items for seed starting and get some ideas for next season’s planting. I must confess that every time I step inside a garden store I lose track of time, because there is always something interesting to look at and ponder whether I need it or not.

While I was wandering around checking out bags of peat moss, colorful ceramic pots and watering cans, I stumbled upon the indoor plants greenhouse, which looked like a little tropical paradise, especially compared to the dreary gray and leafless landscape outside.

I stopped for a moment to take in the humid scent of orchids, bromeliads and ferns and to wonder at the unexpected vegetal abundance. As I was fumbling with my cart, trying to get it through the isles, I sensed a familiar soft brush against my leg. There it was, the greenhouse cat – an indoor cat that gets to live in the garden all year long, how lucky is that!

I’m not sure if you are familiar with cat habits, but they are very fond of the outdoors and territorial. Our cat has claimed the garden for himself and would hiss at me if I perform any gardening activity that gets too close to him and disturbs his siesta.

The cat in the greenhouse, though, didn’t seem to mind visitors and was very happy to welcome me to its little potted paradise. Stepping stones, trays of plants on concrete blocks, little plaster statues and empty bird baths, colorful packets of seeds, fertilizer and potted ficus plants, African violets, cacti in bloom and a curious friendly cat.

I know that gardening center well and visit it often, and during the summer it turns into a stunning display of roses in bloom and flowering bushes and colorful annuals row after row, as far as the eye can see. Gardening is hard work, especially at that scale, and it takes a lot of sweat to turn just another suburban lot into a place of wonder and abundance, but I can’t help but feel how wonderful it must be to live inside that haven of fragrance and renewal every day. As for my little greeter, I think I just met the luckiest cat on earth.


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