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a place of your own

porches and balconies

Porches and balconies are extensions of your house ambiguous in function and level of privacy. You are neither in your own territory, where you can lounge without care, nor in public, where you have to present your more formal image. Reminiscent of older time summer evenings with rocking chairs, swings and pitchers of ice lemonade, the balcony compels one to a poised sitting pose, like those you see in photographs from the beginning of last century. A beautiful porch or balcony is as important as your livingroom, even more so, since this area of your private space is open for everyone to see. So make it enchanting and old fashioned, with climbing roses, wisteria and clematis, with bright pots of geraniums and honeysuckle vine. Or modern and angular, with carefully trimmed topiary and extravagant looking exotic plants. Either way it’s fine. After all, it’s all a matter of taste.

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