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peace rose

On 26, Sep 2011 | No Comments | In roses | By All Year Garden

One of the things I like most about this rose is that no two flowers are ever the same. Through the years I have seen a full range of warm pastels: the lightest butter, almost white petals with rose tinged edges, honey yellow, blush rose. I think technically the “Peace” hybrid tea is described as a yellow rose. Today it decided that it might be. The rainy fall brings up its stronger hues, the bright sunlight in the dead of summer bleaches it to a blush white.

This rose is not patented anymore, so if you like it and would love to have more, cut a healthy green stem with at least five leaves and preferably a faded flower, stick it in the ground and cover it with a clean glass jar. See the article “Take rose cuttings” for details and photos.

I just wanted to confirm that indeed the roses are blooming among tomato leaves. Why, you ask? Why not?