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painting with light

It is not the change of the seasons or the succession of blooms that keep your garden always new, but the light. It completely re-frames the views making you see familiar places for the first time again.

Sometimes the tired sun dips everything in gold, mellowing the contours, softening sharp edges, making everything glow with warm hues. Other times the light is cheerful and bright, making each and every plant sparkle and burst with freshness and vigor.

Right before the rain the flower beds are tinted silver and purple and you can almost feel the weight of the heavy sky bearing down on them.

Sometimes the sun is crude and intense, revealing every flaw of the tender foliage. It makes the gardener squint like a vampire caught in the sunlight and imbues the landscape with the peaceful sadness of roses growing on a grave. It makes one shiver and wrap one’s sweater closer to the body, for comfort, even though the sun is burning overhead.

And then there are moments like the one captured in this photograph when a passing cloud throws lights and shadows on a painted rose and makes it come alive in such a way that you can’t take your eyes off of it.