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morning, sunshine!

What strange weather we’re having, with thirty degree temperature changes from one day to the next! Right now we’re in cold mode and the sixty degrees feel quite chilly after the tropical climate we experienced only a couple of days ago.
It rained a lot and the garden took on that fierce look it gets every time it is left to its own devices. More weeding, more weeding.

This is the time of the year when maples bless us with a glut of helicopter seeds that litter every flat surface, from the terrace to the garden chairs and the walkways. Usually I have to pick them out of the flower beds by hand, a task which requires the patience of Job, but not this year, this year the perennial foliage acted like a shield and didn’t allow any of them to reach the ground. I’m so grateful the plants are doing my work for me!
The roses and peonies started out on an enthusiastic bloom, only to be a little taken aback by the sudden change in temperature. The summer-like warmth spoiled me, so I’m waiting for it to come back before I get out there to restore order to the chaos.
The tomato plants are knee high and in need of staking and a mass of squash foliage already asserted its rights over the garden path. It is what it is.
You’d think the plants would slow down in this uncertain weather, but they grow aggressively, covering everything under and around them with a thick green blanket. God I love spring!
I brought some lilac flowers inside and their scent fills the room. It’s sunny. It’s cloudy. It’s sunny again. The foam flowers boast in the quick changing light. Morning, sunshine!