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indian summer

Surreal orange-violet sunsets and a gentle warm breeze under cotton candy skies. Colorful rainbows and mellow hazy air enveloping you with the softness of a whisper. The calendar says mid-November and the thermometer says 71 degrees.

You bask in the warm mellow breeze slightly confused after the freezing night and look around at the turning leaves, most of which the trees already shed. It’s “Indian Summer”, please enjoy responsibly.

A phenomenon most common on the East Coast and Ohio Valley, Indian Summer is a period of unusually warm weather in mid November (November 11-20  to be precise, according to the Farmer’s Almanac).

It is normally  defined by the following characteristics:

Occurance: Mid-November

Temperatures: high sixties/low seventies during the day, close to or below freezing at night

Air movement: very mellow warm breeze or no air movement at all, hazy atmosphere, clear crisp nights

Duration: at least 3 days.

In order for an unusually warm period to be called Indian Summer, it must occur after at least one hard frost, after the leaves have turned.

It looks like we are going to enjoy it this year at least until Sunday November 14, according to the weather forecast.

I just wanted to share with you this picture (taken today) of my faithful and resilient pot marigolds: