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humbly grateful…

On 18, Jul 2012 | No Comments | In edibles | By All Year Garden

After the beetles ate my emerging pepper plants to the ground before they had a chance to grow the third set of leaves I decided it might be a good idea to replace them with already grown plants, since starting a new set from seed at this time would have been an exercise in futility. I diligently set out to get some plants from the nursery, but I didn’t expect to get them complete with fruit.  I’m both grateful and fully humbled by the quality and yield, looks like we’re going to have peppers this year after all…

I have to concede some necessary changes to the flower child, just add water concept. Water was evidently essential to the growth and development, but the plants really took off and started growing serious fruit after I fed them an organic fertilizer. Seems that the compost didn’t have enough phosphorus and potassium after all…

Somewhere between the drought and the heat wave my pickling cucumbers took a pitiful and not very promising appearance which improved immediately after I bought their replacement: English slicing cucumber plants. Now both the old and the new are thriving, thanks to a ton of water and the miracle of modern chemistry, the organic version, of course.

The eggplants are such show-offs, since this type of weather really favors them and hinders the other plants, so they grow twice as big and have no competition at the same time. Finally flowers started to appear. To be fair, eggplants need a very long time to develop, that’s why they thrive in hot climates, they go seed to harvest in 120 to 150 days. The flowers are so beautiful, too, I can hardly wait…

A short update for the home farming project. The tomatoes are doing as well as I expected and will probably produce more as the month unfolds and they really get the benefit of full summer light and warmth. I had no luck with the squash, which produces lots of flowers daily but so far no fruit. Many thanks to the thriving online gardening community, where I found information about hand pollination. I tried it this morning and I’m very hopeful for good results!

The green onions are very unconvincing so far, probably not gonna happen all that much…but the carrots look pretty bushy tailed. I don’t think that the soil they are growing in will help them much, but still I’m looking for a few roots.

I planted more peas, even though it’s already too hot, and the beans finally figured out that they will get enough water and started some serious bloom. All in all, not too shabby so far. Forget the lentils!

Set one of radishes is grown and harvested, we’re on set two. How did they do? Eeeh…Did you know that the radish greens are edible? They taste like a spicier version of spinach or nettle, and made for a delightful garden greens pie.

See yield table link, I’ll keep you posted.