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heartwarming soups

On 24, Feb 2015 | No Comments | In edibles | By All Year Garden

There is great comfort in a wispy bowl of hot soup on a cold winter day, whether it is the all times favorite, the chicken noodle, the creamy, melty seafood chowder, the sweet crunchy corn kernel, the smooth textured potato cheddar, the sophisticated French onion, the spicy creamy tortilla, the complex broccoli cheese, or the silky lobster bisque, the list could go on forever.

During the cold gloomy months their flavors linger around the house like a warm blanket, self-indulgent and reassuring, just what you want to experience when you come in from the cold.

If you are like me you too would try to explain to the children that sour borscht with meatballs, egg and lemon drop, beef consommé, sixteen bean and bacon or cream of cauliflower  are also wonderful culinary delicacies, but sadly my argument fell on deaf ears and they drew the line at matzo ball soup.

Aahh, broth! You can almost tell the weather is cooling by the frequency with which it shows up on the table. First come the creamy orange squashes, then the sweetly fragrant root vegetables, then the bean and potato soups that take you through the end of February when greenery sprouts to provide fresh vitamins to winter weary humans fending off cabin fever: spinach soup, nettle soup, watercress soup, sorrel soup, you name it, if it’s leafy and edible, into the pot it goes. Not child approved, of course, since green. Apparently pea soup as a cinematic prop had lasting impact.

If you like green soups however, try Swiss chards, they are spicy, lemony and flavorful.

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