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aromatherapy herb uses


I always thought of goldenrod as a dyer’s plant and was surprised to learn that it has medicinal properties.

Its Latin name, Solidago, literally means “to make whole”, and puts goldenrod squarely in the wound healing category. It has other medicinal properties, too, mostly related to improving the kidney and circulatory functions.

Apparently it is edible, but I wouldn’t know about that and will refrain from testing this hypothesis on my long suffering stomach.

It is a good thing that the plant has so many uses, because it is relentless and once you have it in your garden it will spread with a vengeance. Its roots are grasping and stubborn, and it will continue to return after you pluck it, over and over, rising like the phoenix from its own ashes.

I finally abandoned the fight and left it to its own devices in a couple of places where it provides a wonderful pop of color for the autumn months, just when the garden needs a little pick me up.
The seed heads are not very attractive; it sometimes gets confused with ragweed because of its appearance, but goldenrod does not cause hay fever. Some people can develop skin reactions from touching the plant, so you’re better off dead-heading it promptly, trust me, the last thing you need is more goldenrod brush!