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On 07, Dec 2015 | No Comments | In plants, roses | By All Year Garden

Usually the first frost redirects attention from the garden, which settles down to rest through the winter, towards the heartwarming joys of the year end holidays.

Old and young hearts hum with excitement in anticipation of sugar plums and pumpkin pie, white Christmas and roasted turkeys. The scent of cinnamon and nutmeg fills the house while ornate decorations are carefully placed on the tree and our home lives get infused with carol and sparkle.

All nature slows down except for these old fashioned roses who steadfastly bloom through the middle of December if weather allows. They gingerly shrug the first frost and then the subsequent ones, as if the cold weather doesn’t apply to them.

It is true the Canadian beauties are hardy to zone 2 and one is hard pressed to find more resilient perennials or better-looking ones. When the weather cools their fully double flowers change color from a barely noticeable blush reminiscent of antique paper to a clear baby doll pink.

I don’t know how long they will continue their display of flowers, I’ll take pictures and keep you posted. There may be roses blooming in the snow waiting for Christmas.