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fall? what fall?

I would probably write a nostalgic and bittersweet fall article about the cooling of the weather and the turning of the leaves if it weren’t so obvious that summer will carry us through at least a couple more months until it decides to mellow out towards a season that we are all accustomed to call winter, but doesn’t share any of the characteristics of it.

I’m attaching this beautiful picture of my tuberoses to the article, in order to mark the fact that some of the plants really kept up with their precise schedule, blooming right on cue according to the blooming time marked on their packaging.

As I wander around a garden that for practical purposes is half way through the growing season I’m actually planning some late summer plantings, there is a packet of peas still waiting and they’ll have plenty of time for a quick “fall” crop. I am counting on eggplants knowing that they need 150 days to go from seed to harvest.

The roses took a little nap through the dog days of summer they so loathe and are coming back with high enthusiasm and renewed energy. Pretty much “Fall? What fall?”

I remember from previous years that sometime in the middle of the harvest season the daffodils and hyacinths get overenthusiastic and restart their growing cycle months ahead of time; to put it briefly the climate changed. I’m sitting in a June garden with a fall label on it, as if the weather record skipped and we got an extra summer.

What is a gardener to do in this unconventional surrounding? When fall hands you warm weather, you plan an extra planting. Radishes, anyone?


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