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every shade of purple

Changing the color of the ground is another great way do delineate a space: a mass planting of orange flowers, a field of yellow tulips, a delicate cover of blue plumbago.

My garden decided to paint an entire flower bed purple this year. I’ve got every shade of purple, from mauve to indigo; low growing bugle weed, tall wavering alliums, delicate sweet violets, intense grape hyacinths, real navy blue hyacinths, and crocuses. The purple garden phlox will start blooming any day now, followed by the butterfly bush and the deep burgundy daylilies.

It feels as if the garden internalized the streak of cold weather and took on cool shades of blue, purple and lavender to match it. It’s finally warm, we skipped spring again this year and moved from 50F to 80F in two days. The plants are growing at an accelerated pace, trying to catch up for the weeks of gradually warming weather that didn’t happen.

After you tend to a perennial garden for a while you learn that even though the same plants come back year after year the flower beds never look the same.

What a charming picture is this winding path sprinkled with purple flowers! Sometimes the camera adds its own magic.

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