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butterfly bush

On 25, Aug 2010 | No Comments | In scents | By All Year Garden


If you want butterflies and humming birds in your garden, make sure to plant butterfly bush. It spreads with abandon, so make sure to prune it heavily. You can’t hurt the plant with too much pruning or too frequent pruning or pruning whenever. It will grow back and then some. Don’t forget to deadhead, because the spent flowers won’t fall off.

The flowers are reminiscent of lilacs, sadly without the wonderful fragrance. This plant is rainbow colored and the photo really doesn’t do it justice. The delicate little flowers that make up the flower head are exquisitely beautiful.

If you think your butterfly bush doesn’t spread fast enough all by itself, you can propagate it in the fall by root ball division, layering or cuttings.

Butterfly bush will grow tall and wide, which makes it the perfect backdrop against a foundation wall or in any area you need to screen.