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again with the freezing!

I haven’t written in a while, partly because whatever I had to say, garden wise, went to keep The Weekly Gardener current (with under the sea fare, exotic far away locations with spices, hopes and dreams, and garden color theory), but mostly because winter decided to grace us with so many looong, dreadful months that there was nothing to do but hope for better weather and roll my eyes.

I can’t believe that we are in April and the garden still looks dormant, everything other than the long suffering hellebores decided to take a longer vacation and stay out of the unseasonable freeze.

This so called spring is enhanced torment for me, the most impatient gardener ever born. I usually get antsy in early February, this year I couldn’t even clean and prepare the flower beds because of the nasty weather. There comes a point in spring when one looks out the window and decides not to bear the dead sticks and the withered foliage that make the garden look abandoned and sad for another second. That time came and went two months ago and the remnants of winter are still pressing on my nerves.

Uncertain daffodils decided to brave the misery and bloom anyway, come what may, but everything else is still taking its time. Can you believe that we are in April and the daffodils just started blooming? Hopefully the weather will warm up enough so I can finally get a start on this year’s growing season.

Fortunately the seeds I started indoors are progressing beautifully, especially the veggies, so by the time the temperatures are warm enough for planting they will be well on their way. Just remember, fellow impatient gardeners, no matter what the day of last frost is still April 21st. Enough with the cold, already!

Keep an eye out for the beginning of this year’s produce yield, which I’m hoping will be better, faster, and more exciting than last year’s and I can hardly wait to post and share.

In the meantime, please admire the flowers of hepatica, the February flower, that just decided it was warm enough to bloom.