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Shortly after I took this picture a powerful summer storm started, and not a moment too soon, I was a bit worried because the plants were drooping.

I take this opportunity to mention that rushing to water your plants at the first sign of wilt will keep them from developing a strong root system and will not work out well for either the plants or the gardener in the long run. When the dog days of summer finally arrive you won’t be able to drench their shallow rooted systems enough to keep them alive.
This warning about over-watering holds especially true if the amount of precipitation in your area has not been significantly lower than average for the time of year.

That being said, the peppers are in a pot, they grew really fast and as seen in the picture, they have a good start on fruit production, and for these reasons seeing their limp leaves droop pitifully tugged at the gardener’s heart strings.

It poured down for about fifteen minutes and then stopped. I guess there is more rain to come later, but for now it quenched my guilt.

Unlike last year, when I grew a vegetable garden for the benefit of tomato foliage, this year’s crop started pushing out flowers and fruit early and assiduously.

The first batch of cayenne peppers got an early start in April frost and is eeking its head from a pot engulfed by a sea of plumbago.

I don’t know what happened to the eggplants, but they are somewhere out there in the big sea of green. Oh, well…