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The Weekly Gardener - February 9 - Dreaming in February

You can find older issues of The Weekly Gardener here.

The latest on the micro farm project see what grew...

old rose, old square, old city

2nd March 2015 by francis rosenfeld

Cars and buses hunk horns, light wisps of smoke come out of street grilles, it’s cold. Busy people walk back and forth in the rush before the holidays, noises come from construction sites and little orange cones delineate work areas.

In the middle of all this hustle and bustle stands an old little place of peace and quiet, with torches burning around a tiered neoclassical fountain covered in pigeons. Read more…

heartwarming soups

24th February 2015 by francis rosenfeld

There is great comfort in a wispy bowl of hot soup on a cold winter day, whether it is the all times favorite, the chicken noodle, the creamy, melty seafood chowder, the sweet crunchy corn kernel, the smooth textured potato cheddar, the sophisticated French onion, the spicy creamy tortilla, the complex broccoli cheese, or the silky lobster bisque, the list could go on forever. Read more…

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fruit compote

16th February 2015 by francis rosenfeld

I don’t know how many people grew up with fruit compote as a staple of their diet. My grandparents made it throughout the summer to preserve fruit for the winter months. My grandmother’s apricot compote was so good I still dream about it on occasion. Read more…

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