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19th February 2018 by All Year Garden

The first time I saw an herb garden in a public park I asked myself what was the point of it? The fact that it occupied a small nook in the middle of the rose garden, at a time when all the roses were in bloom, didn’t help its cause very much. I know better now.

Of course, I selected the herbs for my own garden according to their flowering habits, unfair as it may seem; nobody grows herbs for their blooming prowess.

The one good thing about herbs is that they pretty much take care of themselves. They weather drought, heat, freezes, they’re the ultimate “set it and forget it plant”. Read more…

that time when I found a tree

12th February 2018 by All Year Garden

So, I took a stroll through the garden, encouraged by the unusually warm weather and happy to be able to prune the rose bushes early and finally move that peony buried underneath them, when I found a tree. Happy Valentine’s Day to me!

I don’t believe the previous sentence managed to convey my stupor and embarrassment, as I am staring at it in disbelief. I found a tree! In my own garden. How off one’s game does one have to be to have a real, full grown tree sneak up on them! Read more…

a time for planting

6th February 2018 by All Year Garden

If you thought February is when the gardener has nothing to do but wait for spring, that would not be correct: February is planting time.

Every year in the middle of winter my otherwise serene living room turns into a wild jungle, and for two blessed months I live inside a miniature greenhouse. It’s not all fun and games, of course, and between the water and dirt spilling on the carpet on my side, and the lack of appropriate lighting and the mold promoted by the excessive humidity of the starting trays on the plants’ side, come April I look forward to moving the little sprouts outdoors, and they do too. For now, however, their presence is nothing short of bliss. Read more…