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The Weekly Gardener - April 6 - April

You can find older issues of The Weekly Gardener here.

The latest on the micro farm project see what grew...

fringed bleeding hearts

13th April 2015 by francis rosenfeld

Here is the wild cousin of the bleeding heart, a native perennial that reseeds easily, blooms through spring, summer and fall in full shade and requires virtually no care. The flowers are modest but steadfast and the deeply fringed carrot like leaves create interesting texture among hostas and hellebores. Read more…

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what to enjoy when spring has sprung

6th April 2015 by francis rosenfeld

I don’t know about you, but when I think of this spring, five things immediately come to my mind. Order of priority not withstanding, here they are.

What a relief that I already cleaned up everything I could before the arrival of winter. Read more…

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exotic fragrance

31st March 2015 by francis rosenfeld

Tuberose oil is a staple scent for perfumery, obtained through chemical extraction by means of concretes and absolutes, and it is one of the most expensive natural fragrances available to perfumers.

Because of the flower’s patrician demeanor and its expensive essence I always thought the tuberose was one of those sophisticated plants that require extraneous amounts of care and pampering Read more…

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