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the fountain at the center of the garden

27th June 2016 by All Year Garden

The fountain at the center of the garden was a staple of medieval landscape design. Its simple yet powerful symbolism was derived from necessity, but speaks to that part of the soul that envisions water as healing and life giving. Nowhere is a tiny fountain more at home than at the center of a medicinal herb wheel. Read more…

garden imagery

20th June 2016 by All Year Garden

There are the rare moments when simple images like these are more than enough to justify dripping sweat over organic fertilizer in 100 degree heat.

It rained last night, it was a powerful and earth drenching thunderstorm, like only summer knows how to bring. The sky was ablaze with white lightning and thunders boomed so strong they made the earth tremble. Read more…

persnickety roses

13th June 2016 by All Year Garden

Roses have earned the dubious privilege of being considered sensitive and difficult to grow. This is not entirely true of course, a rose planted in a climate that favors its development requires a lot less maintenance than your average perennial. They do have a list of things they absolutely will not put up with, and whose lack can’t be supplanted by any amount of doting and support. Read more…