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little miracles

20th February 2017 by All Year Garden

The amount of time I spend contemplating the fresh seedlings in the starting tray would probably irritate an action oriented person. I would likely have some difficulty explaining to that person the wonderment of seeing the first set of leaves emerge, or the excitement of watching the tiny shoots develop from delicate strands barely hanging on to life to healthy plants ready to withstand whatever circumstances bring. Read more…

strange and wonderful

13th February 2017 by All Year Garden

Another one of those evenings you are not quite sure were real. It was warm yesterday, almost seventy degrees, with a sky the color of fire. Soft breeze and so quiet! Hard to tell the season, but you sure wouldn’t guess late winter.
The garden is still asleep and in the balmy air suffused with purple orange glow I didn’t understand why. Everything in the surroundings conspired to defy reality, from the eerie silence with watercolor clouds to the absence of air movement. Read more…

planting time

6th February 2017 by All Year Garden

It is planting time, and I got the Canterbury bells and the carnation seeds again, because I’m stubborn. I wised up and picked different varieties, who knows, maybe this year they’ll germinate.
The rest of the selection is unpretentious and reliable: zinnias, marigolds, snapdragons, cleomes and lupines. They’re going to make a colorful summer border in shades of purple and orange. Read more…