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The Weekly Gardener - August 24 - Blessed rain

You can find older issues of The Weekly Gardener here.

The latest on the micro farm project see what grew...

old-fashioned heirlooms

24th August 2015 by francis rosenfeld

When a cottage garden is well designed it makes you forget the planning that went into creating it and takes over by establishing new hierarchies, thriving on apparent randomness and developing a personality of its own. Read more…

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natural disinfectant

18th August 2015 by francis rosenfeld

There are two strong antiseptics directly extracted from plants: one is tea tree oil, only found in the leaves of the Australian plant, and the other one is thymol, a potent antimicrobial found in thyme and oregano, a substance bee balms also have in abundance. Read more…

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summer flowers

12th August 2015 by francis rosenfeld

I can’t tell you how many times I walked through the garden enchanted by the abundance of flowers and wished I could share its beauty, but the pictures didn’t reflect it. The blooms were too far, the angle was too wide, the light shone the wrong way, I could never capture the charm, not until this photo.
Read more…

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