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cold and early

9th October 2014 by francis rosenfeld

I am grateful for the rain after the mini-drought in September, one can almost feel how relieved the plants are to have their flowers and leaves washed clean and replenish their exhausted water reserves. The zinnia blossoms shine with a renewed vigor that makes their petals shimmer like metal in the cloud filtered light. Read more…

rose breeding

10th June 2014 by francis rosenfeld

For rose aficionados the really creative work happens much earlier, during rose breeding, the process through which new rose varieties emerge. The procedure for creating new roses is lengthy and the success rate is very low, but if you are a daring gardener, it goes something like this. Read more…

keeping roses healthy

10th June 2014 by francis rosenfeld

Having healthy roses is more about prevention than it is about cure. Give the shrubs plenty of space to prevent moisture from sticking to their leaves, make sure they have at least six, preferably eight hours of full sun a day Read more…

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