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old bourbons

25th May 2016 by All Year Garden

The quintessence of romantic imagery, the Bourbon rose!

There is an unspoken consensus among rosarians that roses are the crowning glory of botanical creation. No other plant was capable of achieving this status and no one ever will, even though many classic perennials, such as peonies, clematis and chrysanthemums have their fair share of fans. Read more…

spring schedule

17th May 2016 by All Year Garden

After the annuals and veggies are planted, the flower beds cleaned and the perennials spruced up, the roses pruned, the fall blooming plants divided and moved and the summer bulbs planted, one would think that the gardener can sit back with a cup of coffee in some cozy verdant nook and relax. Read more…


10th May 2016 by All Year Garden

When you had a perennial garden for many years you’d think there can’t be many plants you haven’t tried but that is not true. New varieties appear every year, better adapted to your growing conditions than their uncooperative kin, more fragrant blooming plants for the shade, more cottage perennial cultivars to substitute those you previously thought too demanding. Read more…