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seed box

17th January 2017 by All Year Garden

I didn’t go through my seed box yet, but there is still plenty of time, at least a couple more weeks until I can bring out the starting trays.
Last year I got a lot of plants that preferred to be planted directly outdoors and had to wait until the end of April for the unseasonably cold weather to go away. Again, speaking of lessons learned, this year I’ll do the opposite, to give most of the plants a good head start regardless of when the last frost decides to visit. Read more…


9th January 2017 by All Year Garden

Usually the feast of St. John brings the coldest day of the year, and this year was no exception. I cozy up indoors with a hot cup of herbal tea and dreamy gardening books as the thermometer indicates 8 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

No matter how enthusiastic one is about gardening there are limits to what’s possible and temperatures approaching 0F definitely rule out any outdoor activity. Read more…

along the garden path

19th December 2016 by All Year Garden

Heavy snow and ice brought down the last leaves left hanging on the branches, together with a host of brittle twigs. Despite the annoyance factor of having snow early and the glut of sticks and debris that will need to be picked up later, I can’t help but wonder at the beauty of the winter landscape, whose soft contours look almost unreal. Read more…