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what to enjoy when spring has sprung

I don’t know about you, but when I think of this spring, five things immediately come to my mind. Order of priority not withstanding, here they are.

What a relief that I already cleaned up everything I could before the arrival of winter. Usually the first thing I have to do when spring comes is handle the imposing pile of yard waste, all soggy and rotten, that covers the flower beds smothering everything underneath.

Not this year, though, the spring garden will be cute as a button, with daffodils and hyacinths and cheerful sweet violets (one can dream, can’t one?) Not!

The weather announces itself to be in the normal range, which means everything will bloom and grow fruit in its own time, unimpeded by late frosts or unseasonably warm temperatures. Keeping fingers crossed constantly.

The little backyard garden is really shaping up, it is such a joy to see the barren spot behind the garage, with clay as hard as concrete and overwhelmed by ivy and wild honeysuckle, gradually turn into a charming little haven of care free perennials, with flowers that bloom during every season but are particularly pretty in spring.

Planting the vegetable garden is always a spring treat, the planning, the seed starting, the planting outdoors. You’d be surprised at the levels of doting a passionate gardener can dole on fifteen square feet and three tomato towers.

Last, but not least, being outside. One forgets at the end of fall how fresh and beautiful spring blossoms are, so I included a selection, for reference. After a whole winter of reluctantly watching nature through glass, being in the garden, with the scents of spring and the soft wind caressing your face is such a joy!

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