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thoughts for january

Every January is filled with the promise of a bountiful harvest, and this one is no exception. I took a quick stroll through the garden, ignoring the chilly drizzle that has been visiting for the last couple of days. It has been very warm so far, even on the days that usually bring the coldest temperatures of the year.

The wet dirt is dark and shiny, and it surprises me, used as I am to see yellow clay everywhere around the yard. It seems that my efforts to amend the soil during the last few years brought about lasting change.

Now, every time I see dark, shiny soil, that immediately translates into bloom and fruit inside my mind, so I set aside the fact that January is not a gardening month to figure out what to plant.

I’m sure that weather will remind us really soon that winter is for snowing, but tell that to the daffodils which are already half way to bloom by now. For now, it rains. So, back to planting.

This year’s priority is going to be fall blooming perennials, there are never enough of them, especially for the shade. Monkshood, black cohosh and wind anemones are definitely on the list. I need to replant asters, Wonder of Staffa looked beautiful, with its lavender blue daisy like petals surrounding a bright yellow center, but it gave up the ghost a few winters ago to temperatures that were too cold to bear. Time to replant it.

Maybe a few more toad lilies, don’t mind if I do. I never tried turtle head or heleniums, so this is the year to do it. For the non-fall bloomers, maybe I should try Solomon’s Seal in another area of the garden, and maybe primroses.

After that, whatever inspires when the season starts at the plant nursery. Definitely roses and more herbs, there is an empty spot in the herb garden that hasn’t found a resident yet.

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