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uncommon tomato uses – beauty treatments

On 27, Jul 2011 | No Comments | In edibles | By All Year Garden

Behold today’s tomato yield, the ever so productive plants bless me with WAY more than I can possibly consume. A fellow blogger commented that gardeners should plant tomatoes so they don’t succumb to the tendency to become lethargic in August. It’s canning time, and salad time, and tomato sauce time, and green tomato preserve time. If you’ve already done all of the above more than once and you still have fresh fruit every day, don’t forget some less common tomato uses, like natural skin care. A honey and tomato face mask provides wonderful rejuvenation for oily, tired skin. Mix the pulp of one ripe tomato with a tablespoon of honey and apply it to the face, careful to avoid the eyes and mouth. Leave it on for as long as it feels comfortable, but not more than 15 minutes, then wash away with cold water. The astringent tomato juice minimizes pores, clears blackheads and reduces oil secretions and the soothing qualities of honey feed the skin, making it bright, smooth and supple.

Also, in case you got sunburned during gardening activities, mix tomato pulp with buttermilk and apply it to the burned area to get relief.