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toad lilies

Toad lilies are the last flowers of the year, at least in the garden. They start blooming mid-October, to keep company to the already brown seed heads of the sedums, and they stay in bloom until November, braving the first frosts.

People tend to associate bulbs with spring, and ignore their potential in the garden during summer and fall. I really miss the Casablanca lilies, I don’t even know if they reached the end of their natural life cycle or succumbed to the unforgiving winter, but they all vanished one year, for no apparent reason.

The tuberose just finished blooming, it is more of a September flower, really. It looks like the weather is finally turning cold, pretty soon I’ll have to move the tender perennials indoors.
It rained really hard last night, at the end of almost a month of dry weather, and it kept raining throughout the day.

Time for pumpkins, candy, and fall planting. There is a thick blanket of colorful leaves laid down on the way to the front door.