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thirteen below

The year started bleak and frigid, the freeze of Saint John regaled us with temperatures that amount to thirteen below, considering wind chill. Ice, snow, bitter weather, the works. I’m not complaining or anything, after all it’s January, its supposed to be cold.

Looking for a silver lining in the desolate landscape, well, for one, snow protects the perennials from freezing, so that’s a good thing. Snow also provides regular amounts of water, so necessary to the dormant plants, as it melts. And that’s all I have.

A sparse ray of sunshine brings up thoughts of summer, and this reminds me that I have to start planning next year’s garden; since the year promises to be a very good one, it’s even more important to be very selective about the new plants.

I wait to see some of the perennials I planted two autums ago come back from their roots, even if they died back in the summer, especially the Jack-in-the-pulpit and the honey scented bugbane, with its white and rose candle shaped inflorescences.

The spring garden will be a dream in yellow and blue, compliments of the out of sequence December daffodil planting and the abundance of cheerful violets and grape hyacinths that never disappoint.
I can hardly wait to see how the herb garden overwinters, all the herbs are perennial, including the lemon balm, I learned, and quite robust. Even though the lavender tends to be frost tender, its sunny, sheltered location bides well for its chances to thrive next year.

One herb casualty, I forgot to move the potted rosemary indoors and it succumbed to an early frost, so that’s one plant that needs replaced.

As I look out the window, I notice that the bitter cold mellowed a bit and gave way to a monotonous freezing rain. Lovely!

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