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the veggies are here, the veggies are here!

On 11, Apr 2013 | No Comments | In edibles, plants | By All Year Garden

The long awaited moment finally arrived: I started the vegetable garden for 2013. Among the lessons learned from last year the most important one was that veggies are hungry plants and without additional feeding they will not yield enough produce to talk about, so I started the beds with a copious quantity of naturally derived organic fertilizer (manure based, mostly).

Other things I found out, I really don’t like radishes, so I saw no point in trying them again, and planting peas in small batches is mainly decorative. The bush beans were really pitiful, so this year I got Kentucky Blue pole beans, and will keep planting them every 2 weeks to keep the production going.

I started the carrots and parsnips in deep containers with loose and fertile soil so that they have room to develop without struggle. My clay soil is heavier than stone and inasmuch as the long suffering tomatoes couldn’t care less as long as there is enough phosphorus, magnesium nitrogen and potassium in it, root vegetables don’t stand a chance.

I still have strawberries from last year and hopefully the red currant bush found the location to its liking and will start bearing.

Here is the list of veggies for this year, planted on the same 20 square feet and several pots:
– 12 Abe Lincoln tomatoes
– 15 SuperSweet 100 tomatoes
– 7 nests of slicing cucumbers
– 4 nests of yellow straight neck squash
– 1 bean teepee and 1 bean trellis
– 5 nests of zucchini squash
– 12 banana peppers
– 18 Ancient Sweets peppers
– 9 Douce d’Espagne peppers
– 1 packet of carrot seeds
– 1 packet of parsnip seeds
– 9 eggplants
– parsley, basil, thyme

All plants were started from seed, no nursery seedlings so far, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good weather and no bunnies.

Just like last year I will post a produce yield table as soon as I have something to put in it (I’m going to guess June, since I skipped the radishes).

I look forward to a bountiful summer with seasonable weather and lots of yield.