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the heralds of fall

On 17, Aug 2010 | No Comments | In shade | By All Year Garden

Sedums will keep your garden vibrant and colorful from the onset of fall late in august until and after the first snow falls. They start out light green and slowly change color to the lightest pink that deepens to a dull rust before they go to seed.

Sedums like full sun, but will do very well in the shade. I have several clumps in complete shade and they are blooming faithfully. Once established they don’t require even the most basic care. They will make do with whatever food and water nature offers that year.

Sedums will need dividing every few years. If the plant starts growing only around the sides and hollow in the middle, it is time to dig it out, divide the root ball in two or more pieces with a spade and replant the separated clumps.

Sedum shoots are very tender. If afflicted by heavy hail, being crushed or stepped on, the plant will not regenerate itself or bloom that year.