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the fullness of spring

I got out the door this morning and it smelled like summer. Most of the trees haven’t even started to bloom yet, but the perennials, faithful to internal calendars only they understand, decided to fill up at full speed.

In only a few days the garden sprouted flowers and foliage all at the same time, rushing to get to mature size as fast as it can. It rained a couple of times and the grass turned a deep emerald green, it came to life almost overnight. Between that and the trees leafing out, the sudden change of decor is almost surreal.

I took the seedlings outside to harden them, and the zinnias didn’t like it one bit, but all the other plants are enjoying the fresh air, the sunshine and the rain. Most of the seedlings are still small, because I started them so late, but they’ll figure things out, I’m sure.

Half of the seeds are still in the box and I’m counting the hours till Monday, when I get to plant them without having to worry about frost. I took a chance and started half of the cucumbers, the morning glory and the dahlia bulb before yesterday’s rain, to let the sky water them like the lazy gardener that I am.

There is a certain plant populating the shady flower beds. I hope it is not a weed, because I vaguely remember moving some enthusiastic seedlings there last summer, but for the life of me I can’t remember what they were. Every now and then, at the end of the season, I come upon an enticing perennial and sprinkle the seeds in a place with full sun exposure, for the following year. They always germinate, but for some reason I don’t notice them until a couple of months later, after I’ve forgotten what I planted.

Sure, some people put markers where they plant stuff, but I’m not one of them. So now I’ll have to wait until it blooms to figure out what plant it is. It looks very healthy.