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the color purple

On 14, May 2015 | No Comments | In plants | By All Year Garden

If you choose the color purple for a monochromatic color scheme there is no scarcity of plants, annuals and perennials alike, to carry it through all four seasons.

You can start very early, even before spring sets in, with the intense magentas of the Lenten roses and as soon as the snow melts they are in the cheerful company of sweet violets, crocuses and hyacinths. When weather mellows a little bit the dusty spires of bugleweed cover entire areas in muted deep lavender with towering giant alliums swaying gently above. After them bloom the irises and the lilacs, with crane’s bill growing in their shade, followed by long lasting bee-balms that carry you through to the first days of summer.

Summer belongs to the fragrant garden phlox, the tall spires of delphiniums and larkspur and the fuzzy spikes of liatris. Mixed between them, wild and unruly, speedwell and lavender grow, and Russian sage. The butterfly bush throws flower stems in all directions, like fireworks. Tall hostas counterpoint its rhythm from the shade while clematis weaves a tapestry of flowers and fuzzy seed heads in the background.

Obedient plant and asters welcome fall, blooming faithfully until the end of October, when the most beautiful flowers, the toad lilies, have the garden all to themselves. (I know, what a ridiculous name for a flower that looks like an orchid!)

Late in the winter purple berries fill the branches of viburnum and snowberries long after the maroon foliage of ornamental cherry trees had fallen.

Add to these a wealth of pansies, petunias, clown flowers, salvia, ageratum, dahlias, cosmos, and last but not least the French mallows. How lucky are we that these plants have beautiful flowers, otherwise the poor gardeners would wear themselves out trying to get rid of them. Once you have French mallows you will always have French mallows.

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