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Since the first stages of planning a garden I envisioned it with a sundial. Said time piece remained in the planning stages ever since, a beautiful shifting target always a day away. I can’t make up my mind about the material, the finish level, the style.

Should it be metal, concrete or tile mosaic? If metal should it be shiny or rusty? Should it be colorful or the simple raw material? Should it be heavily decorated or minimalist? Should it be flush with the ground or placed on a stand? Should it be all by itself or surrounded by a bird bath? Should I place it in a prominent location or lose it among the wild perennials, only to be discovered as a beautiful surprise during a garden stroll? Should it be fashioned out of low growing plants?

Fifteen years later, no sundial. So again I start planning: should it be metal, concrete, or tile mosaic? You get the picture. I made life changing decisions in less time than that, so it makes me wonder what is it about the sundial that can’t be figured out already.

The thought of going to the garden store and picking the first one I see occurred to me, but what if I don’t like it, then I need to stick with the decision, and it would surely bother me every day, just thinking that I rushed into it. Plus, if I pick metal for instance, then what if it’s shiny and I like rusty, or vice versa? What if the tile mosaic doesn’t have the colors just right? What if the concrete shape is not correct? What if it doesn’t come with added pigment, or has too much aggregate?

So, I need to plan for a sundial. Should it be…

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