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summer flowers

I can’t tell you how many times I walked through the garden enchanted by the abundance of flowers and wished I could share its beauty, but the pictures didn’t reflect it. The blooms were too far, the angle was too wide, the light shone the wrong way, I could never capture the charm, not until this photo.

There were sparkling spring mornings accented by cheerful daffodils, and winter afternoons quietly blanketed by snow under an unreal painted sky. There were fields of bright flowers and fresh green grass softer than silk. Intensely blue morning glory and heartbreakingly beautiful roses, masses of ripening stonecrops, deep purple petunias, so dark they almost seemed made out of metal. I’m not sure what made this specific snapshot so special, what made the time of day just right or why did all the flowers look their best.

It didn’t rain for a while and despite daily watering the garden took on that dusty, mottled end of summer look. The daylilies almost finished blooming and left behind the naked sticks and dried up leaves that are the drawback of growing these flowers. In spite of it all, behold beauty!

I’m baffled by the way the lens picks certain images and gives them an iconic status, that of things no longer set in time. What makes extraordinary happen? I don’t know. The lilies look simply radiant.

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