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still winter

First, I’ll point out the obvious: the snow cover from last week is still here and is not going to melt because temperatures have stayed consistently below freezing.

I can’t force myself to get annoyed, as we all know, no matter how mad you get about the weather, the weather doesn’t care. Just to distract myself, I checked out again this year’s long range weather predictions from the Farmer’s Almanac, whose accuracy is simply uncanny. If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself.

Anyway, since they got November, January and February right almost to the precise temperature, I’m going to go ahead and swoon with anticipation about April and May and get lost in happy reveries of the hot, dry summer and the long warm fall with lots of precipitation. It seems we’re going to skip the late killing frost this year, who would have thunk it?

I’ll probably revisit my enthusiasm for hot dry weather when it finally comes along, although the plants are always happy to welcome it, just as long as you dote on them faithfully and water them twice a day.

Speaking of coddled summer loving plants, don’t forget to pre-order bare root roses, ’tis the season!