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spring garden maintenance

The irony of keeping a gardening blog is that one only has time to write in it when there is no actual gardening work going on. Well, almost. Thank goodness that warm weather is finally here. The garden is thriving and there is so much work to do, of which I will make a list:

– weeding ( this is task 1, 3, 5…)

– any remaining spring clean up

– top dressing the flower and vegetable beds with a good organic mulch/fertilizer

– planting annual flower seeds (this extended stretch of rainy days will give them a better chance to sprout)

– moving and dividing fall blooming perennials before the weather is too hot

– deadheading spent flower heads of spring bulbs. Don’t forget that daffodils actually need to die back on their own to make sure they get enough nourishment for next year’s bloom.

– tending to the grass maintenance schedule, weeds are just waiting for a skipped step

That being said, I will be posting more soon. It seems that it will rain every day next week, so, plenty of time…