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Seashell Cosmos

On 26, Oct 2011 | No Comments | In plants | By All Year Garden

I don’t know what is going on with the flowers this year, here is another example of a plant I almost gave up on. Cosmos is supposed to start blooming in July and keep on going until it gets cold. So I waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited….

Only three months later, here it is. Truth be told, the flowers are beautiful and the name fits them perfectly. Little seashells all bunched together in the middle with a big yellow button. Cosmos was the flower that was supposed to grow like a weed and require no care. It’s true that it grew five foot tall and it did look like a weed right until last week.

Maybe I’ll have better luck next year, it’s been a long hot dry crab grass infested summer. They are pretty, though, aren’t they?