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When you start looking into its qualities, rosemary can be quite intimidating, it seems to be good for everything: it makes hair grow strong and shiny, rejuvenates skin, boosts memory and concentration, sharpens eyesight, thins the blood and helps lower the risk of cancer. The impressive resume is due to the fact that this blessed plant is rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A, C and B6, folate, and some other plant specific compounds that act synergistically.

Of course this is not why I couldn’t get out of the garden center without two small rosemary pots, that happened because I love its flavor, I can’t leave a plant nursery without becoming the proud owner of something green and leafy and the very healthy rosemary bush I was planning to overwinter succumbed to a surprise early freeze last fall.

Dried rosemary doesn’t hold a candle to the fresh sprigs which are succulent and fragrant and go with chicken, fish, pork, lamb, and almost any sauce, soup or stew, so there’s that reason…

I got used to having a pot of rosemary around, it is so green and fresh, it lifts my spirits and looks like the picture of health.

This doesn’t explain the lemon verbena and a couple of seed packets that just happened to join it. I couldn’t help it, ok? They had every garden herb, temptation was everywhere, within arm’s reach, thyme, lavender, a gazillion mints, tarragon, parsley, you name it, they had it. It was just too much, I’m only human…