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If you were to ask me what was in this pot the simple answer would be snow covered dirt but simple answers, though factually accurate, usually don’t address the question.

I don’t know what’s in this pot, at least not yet, I haven’t planted it. I know what was in it last year – impatiens, and the year before that – bright blue lobelia flowing over its brim like water.

I could plant violets, lily of the valley or spring bulbs and then know what’s in the pot for years to come. I could stick with impatiens, they really performed well last year. Fragrant flowers would be nice even though they usually don’t have a very long blooming season, not in the shade anyway.

A mix of silver miller and wax begonias could work well, or colorful coleus. I could try myrtle or ivy and let it drape over the edges like a graceful vegetal doily or plant a few miniature hostas, the scented type, for a fragrant purple bouquet at the end of summer.

It could be a specimen planting of foam flower or coral bells or a shade plant I haven’t tried before, like flowering fern.

What’s in this pot? An entire winter season of daydreaming and anticipation, the joy of poring through gardening books and browsing sites to find just the right plant combination, a soon to be cheerful living posy to rest my eyes on as I walk to the front door.

What’s in this pot? Joy and happiness.

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