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plants for the new year

On 19, Jan 2015 | No Comments | In plants | By All Year Garden

I really have to start researching new plants for this year’s garden. Every gardener should try at least one new plant a year, it keeps the garden vibrant and gives one opportunities to expand one’s knowledge. Keep in mind that plants are living things and may not abide by your schedule. Some may not happen the year you plant them, I found out.

I have a long list of less common plants that I tried over the years, some of which thrived beyond expectations.

I sprinkled seeds of Maltese cross a few years back; for a couple of years they did nothing and of course I forgot about them. One morning I was strolling through the garden and saw a very bright spot of coral color peeking from under foliage. If you are not familiar with this plant one very defining characteristic is that it has the brightest coral red flowers you will ever see.

Money plant, don’t be deceived by its classification as an annual, it self sows so prolifically that you will have it in your garden forever, more and more of it, and it thrives anywhere. I just found a couple of them in the back yard growing in deep shade.

Goldenrod, which is considered a weed by some, can give you magnificent fields of golden yellow color in the fall and can be very useful in areas that are too large or difficult to maintain.

Wild hyacinths – the more native the plant the greater the chances that you will have it in your garden for a long time, these tiny bulbs just take care of themselves.

The rose Leda, a spectacular painted Damask once bloomer, only bears flowers for a month, but what a show. When the flowers fade they just fall apart all at once at the slightest touch or breeze.

Hyssop, the ablution plant, although mine is a slightly different variety that exudes a strong licorice scent every time I brush against it.

What will be this year’s plant? I haven’t decided yet, there may be more than one, but I wanted to try false dragonhead for a while and this year might be the one. I always wanted to see if it is true that this plant will bend any way you shape it and stay that way until you shape it again.