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planting time

It is planting time, and I got the Canterbury bells and the carnation seeds again, because I’m stubborn. I wised up and picked different varieties, who knows, maybe this year they’ll germinate.
The rest of the selection is unpretentious and reliable: zinnias, marigolds, snapdragons, cleomes and lupines. They’re going to make a colorful summer border in shades of purple and orange.

Now we wait. Not too long, mind you, the covered trays speed up germination to an amazing three days.
The medicinal plants are still at the nursery, waiting to be selected. I took a brave stroll through the garden and noted that not even the earliest of bloomers are ready to start the season. It was freezing, too, so no luck there!
During said garden walk I kicked myself again for not moving the pink peony and noted that the roses didn’t look too comfortable with the continuing chill, I hope I don’t end up with a garden full of Doctor Huey, even though they are prolific bloomers.
Aside from the planned plantings I expect there will be enthusiastic volunteers: French mallows, calendulas and love-in-a-mist, and a vigorous broad leaved biennial or perennial that I couldn’t recognize last summer.