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peppers in bloom

On 15, Jun 2010 | No Comments | In edibles | By All Year Garden

Peppers, like all vegetables, like a warm, sunny spot (at least 8 hours of full sun exposure) with good loamy soil and plenty of water. These plants were started indoors in February and transplanted to the garden after April 21, the date of last frost in zone 5. Bell Pepper plants will produce about a dozen fruits on a plant during the growing season. As you probably know, green peppers are just red or yellow peppers that are not yet ripened. So, if you want colorful veggies to grace your dinner table, just wait a little longer.

Bell Peppers, especially the red, yellow and orange ones, are high in fiber and excellent sources of vitamins A and C. Eat them raw during the growing season and can some for the winter. Please check out the “Art of Preserves” section this fall for pepper pickling recipes.

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