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Just wanted to brag…

On 05, Jun 2013 | One Comment | In plants | By All Year Garden

It seems to be a great year for roses, as you can see from the picture, so I am going to brag.

An update on what’s going on in the garden. This year I started most plants from seed and bulbs which means two things. One, I have now some less common perennials that I wanted to grow for a long time and two, I’ll probably have to wait a little longer for their blooms.

The established perennials took over to provide color and fragrance. Between peonies, roses, lilacs, coral bells, crane’s bill and honeysuckle there is no lack of flowers.

I frequently mentioned how under-used summer bulbs were, so I took my own advice and planted a lot of them: liatris, gladioli, mixed lilies, alliums.

They are coming strong, even if it is their first year. Some of the summer blooming perennials I started last year expanded significantly and I got the unexpected gift of an entirely new flowerbed. It is still work in progress, though.

The vegetable garden evolved into a miniature jungle, grace to steady feedings. The tomatoes and cucumbers are in bloom, peppers, beans, squash and eggplants, not yet. The carrots and parsnips are thriving, the choice of medium seemed to make all the difference.

After a few torrential rains that endangered their roots my potted herbs finally gained strength, but I still think I will need to get more basil.

I mixed in some nasturtiums and marigolds with the veggies, now I have a real potager, though a slightly chaotic, wayward one.

Don’t forget to check the produce table soon, judging by the look of the plants it looks like there’s going to be more produce than last year.


  1. It seems to be a little too dry where I live right now and such variable weather that my plants, especially the herb plants are not doing as well as I had thought. Thanks for the great posts though!