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new harvest

On 24, Jun 2015 | No Comments | In edibles, plants | By All Year Garden

I’m so excited to see the first produce getting ready for harvest, it’s almost time to start the yield table for this year. It rained a lot lately, for the benefit of squashes and cucumbers, the always thirsty plants. All the veggies are in bloom, and most of them have started bearing fruit.

It doesn’t seem to be a particularly favorable year for the eggplants, which lag behind their towering garden companions – the tomatoes, the peppers, the squashes, the beans. I had trouble finding them in the mish-mash of greenery in the vegetable bed and thought them gone, but they’re still there, shyly trying to catch up and very late to the season.

I finally got to use the soil tester I bought a couple of years ago, and to my complete shock I learned that the soil in my garden is perfect in every way, pH neutral and with exceptional fertility, which comes to prove that if at first you don’t succeed, you really should try and try again. I don’t know which of the soil improvements did it, whether it was the compost or the coffee grounds, or the organic fertilizer, or if nature just decided to like me more now than before. Everything grew twice the normal size and it’s covered in flowers.

Every spring, after cleaning is finished and the garden beds are prepared, I look at the barren, semi-frozen dirt and can’t imagine the abundance that will follow in a few short months. Today, when I stepped along the garden path I was literally engulfed in an exuberance of greenery, most of which is reaching to my waist in an eager and wild competition for the sun.

I think next week will see the first entry in the yield table, most likely the purple beans. I love my garden!


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