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miniature roses

On 08, Jul 2010 | 6 Comments | In roses | By All Year Garden

Miniature roses project an aura of frailty, and one would be tempted to shelter them in pots on a windowsill where they will be protected from the elements. Don’t!

First of all, these tiny roses, just like all the other roses, do miserably indoors, where they don’t have enough sunlight and fresh air.

Second, they are some of the toughest, most disease resistant roses I know. They don’t fall prey to the usual black spot, rust or Japanese beetles like their bigger, stronger cousins. They make it through the most aggressive droughts while blooming constantly. They are very successfully propagated from both soft and hard cuttings and put up with the heaviest soils. They will weather temperatures of 10 degrees below zero without protection.

Give them plenty of sun during the growing season, prune them when the forsythia blooms, and give them some food; they need no more.

Miniature roses are great for the front of the border, won’t grow very tall, 24 inches at most, and are absolutely precious. They come in white, cream, hot pink, blush, dark red, lavender, bi-color, and pretty much any color combination you can think of. Unfortunately they are not fragrant.

Does the word combination “care free rose” sound to you like an oxymoron? Give these tiny flowers a try.  If they have enough sunlight, they will thrive. Please don’t forget that roses are social plants, they will thrive in mixed plantings and are especially happy around other roses.

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