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leda the damask

On 15, May 2017 | No Comments | In plants, roses, scents | By All Year Garden

First of all, this is why the Leda rose is not red. It magically dilutes its ruby stain and pushes it further and further out towards the edges until it is no more. These roses spend most of their bloom time simply white.

Second, I was wrong, it is a little fragrant, if you really really want it to be.
I’m not sure if this rose was supposed to be trained on a trellis or a pole or something, it’s plopped all over the flower bed, kind of shapeless and crushing everything under its hefty weight. I managed to pull it out of the delphiniums and found a full grown perennial I had forgotten about agonizing underneath.

How can you get mad at something that blooms like this, you ask? You’re right, I shouldn’t. I am spoiled, it is one of those roses you can’t mess up, it doesn’t need pruning, feeding, or winter protection, so, as far as it is concerned, I am superfluous. I guess this is why it insists on growing every each way it pleases, with absolutely no regard for landscape design.
The only thing that saddens me is that it is a once blooming rose, and May’s the month!
If you are tempted to discipline its revolting growth patterns, wait until after it blooms and remember, its kin bears flowers on old wood, which means at least two year old canes. Also, the pruning is just so the gardener maintains his or her sanity, the rose certainly doesn’t need it!
After almost two weeks of waiting all the flower buds opened at once, on all the roses, peonies, delphiniums and sages, the garden is a sight for sore eyes, I don’t even want to go back inside anymore!