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layer raspberries

On 22, Sep 2010 | No Comments | In propagation | By All Year Garden

Raspberries will do this all by themselves if you let them. They’ll arch gracefully until they touch the ground, and where they do, they will sprout roots. I actually had to pull these and replant them to document the process. If they don’t do it by themselves, you can help them along and get more raspberry canes and therefore, more yummy berries. The best time to do it is at the beginning of fall, when temperatures are not extreme any more but there is still a long way till freezing. The process is as follows:

layering1-cropDig a shallow hole and water it generously. layering2-crop_0Bend the cane into the hole and cover with dirt. Water again. layering3-cropCover with a rock to prevent it from popping back up. layering4-cropIn spring cut the offspring from the mother plant.