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indoor bulbs

On 16, Jan 2018 | No Comments | In plants, wintergarden | By All Year Garden

Paper whites and hyacinths for the winter holidays, how great is that! A single hyacinth can fill an entire house with fragrance.

Growing bulbs indoors is just as maintenance free as growing them outdoors: plant them and forget them. Of course if they are inside the house in a pot they need regular watering and could use a plentiful dose of fertilizer to give them a good start.

The bulbs available late in the fall are already winterized (they have been stored in a cool dry place to simulate their natural vegetative cycle, so they are ready to bloom as soon as you plant them).

A few comments on growing spring bulbs indoors. If you want to force bulbs by placing them above a pebble bed with just enough water to cover their base they will make for a very decorative centerpiece but will be completely spent at the end of bloom. The better option for softie gardeners is to plant them in soil, like you normally would. By the time they are done blooming in spring you can plant them in the garden and enjoy them for years to come.

Don’t forget that hyacinths and paper whites bloom when temperatures are around fifty degrees and the days are bright. If you keep them in a balmy location they will grow exceedingly tall and fade very quickly. It is important to keep them cool and give them plenty of light. An unheated sun room would be an ideal location, you can then bring them inside to impart a festive look to the holidays.