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I’m late, I’m late!

I need to speed up the garden planning if I don’t want the roses to leaf out before I get a chance to prune them. See? This is why the wiser gardeners of olden times like to do all the preparation work while mercury is frozen in the thermometer, spring tends to sneak up on you.
Of course now I’m late with the seed starting, spring cleaning, bulb planting, plant ordering, and pretty much everything else.
I know, I know, March tends to be a fickle friend. During the years when this month is actually nice (we haven’t had a lot of those of late), it lulls you into a false sense of security and kicks you in the shins right at the end, just when you thought summer was finally in sight. I’m not planning on moving anything frost tender outside any time soon, but I can’t contain my excitement. Finally, warmth!
A full week of temperatures above fifty and sixty degrees pretty much guarantees fully developed perennial flower beds in days. I don’t know if the spring bulbs will have enough time to spring in full bloom, but definitely the foliage will be well established a week from now.
I almost can’t believe it, like I haven’t experienced warm weather before. The last two or three years got us stuck in a pattern of never ending winter, which wiped out all the usual early spring growth and did a lot of damage to established plants at their most vulnerable time, mid-spring. We seem to have escaped the scourge of weather this year, fingers crossed.