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how to grow pinks

Cottage pinks are easy to grow perennials that enjoy sunny locations but will do moderately well in part shade. They don’t like wet feet, make sure to plant them in a sandy and slightly alkaline soils that drains well.

Don’t mulch too close around their roots and give them plenty of breathing room, otherwise they are susceptible to stem rot. A spacing of 12 to 18 inches is appropriate.

Pinks can be propagated from seed, stem layering or tip cuttings, and they will not bloom their first year. Evergreen, they are hardy to zones 3 through 8.

If pinks don’t look too hot in your garden and you already amended the soil they probably don’t like the climate: they are cool weather perennials and don’t like heat and humidity.

Even when they have plenty of water they tend to slow down through the heat wave, only to pick up with renewed enthusiasm in the fall.

On a different note, did you know that Dianthus, the botanical name of this plants, literally means God’s Flower in Greek? I just thought I’d mention that.