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I am surprised that yarrow is not used more often in skin care, because it can hold its own with calendula, lavender and chamomile. Yarrow has three qualities that make it useful for beauty regimens: it stimulates superficial circulation, it mends minor injuries and it is astringent.

This gentle cleanser is particularly useful for treating oily skin and hair, and yarrow tea makes an excellent toner or hair rinse. Way back in the day people even believed it to be a cure for baldness, but I wouldn’t go that far.

Because yarrow is used to treat acneic, rash prone skin, it is never steamed when used for facials, the way chamomile is, for instance, because it would irritate the skin even more, but always applied lukewarm or cool, in a way that feels comfortable to the body’s temperature.

The herb is prepared for use by the usual means, either by decocting it or infusing it in oil. The dried powdered herb can be used as is in bath salts, scrubs and facial masks.
Yarrow soothes and it is mildly antiseptic, just like chamomile, and it is often used in combination with the latter for compounded benefits.

Last but not least, yarrow improves circulation and gives the complexion a youthful, rosy glow, so if your skin has a bad day and it feels a little dull and sensitive, brew a cup of yarrow tea, let it cool down and apply it to your face as a poultice, both your skin and your spirit will be grateful for this simple indulgence.