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hard frost

On 02, Nov 2011 | No Comments | In edibles | By All Year Garden

The cold season decided to come early this year. After two nights of hard frost all the tomato plants wilted. I pulled them and gathered about twenty pounds of green tomatoes. I was planning on green tomato pickles, but I didn’t expect this quantity. I spent a good part of the afternoon cleaning and sorting the fruit and here is the picture to prove it.

For those who never tried green tomato pickles they are a bit of an acquired taste.

Waiting for snow: apparently it was supposed to come here too. I don’t know about that, the nights were very cold but today we had a periwinkle blue sky with the sun shining, mild temperature, no wind. I would be really surprised to see snow, it is too early for it anyway.

I looked at the weather forecast. Nope, no snow.