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ruffled fuchsias

On 14, Jun 2010 | No Comments | In shade | By All Year Garden

I haven’t had much luck with fuchsias, not for lack of trying, but I can’t help getting them because they are so exquisitely pretty. Take a look at this picture and tell me if you have seen a more sophisticated and imaginative flower. I like them all, the pink stars with purple ruffled skirts, the hot pink rose like blossoms with white bulbous middles, the all pink angled shapes, the waxy red pendulous shapes, I like them all. They are finicky little things with particular tastes that I haven’t yet figured out. They like dappled shade and should do well on a partly shaded terrace, hanging close to you, so you can fully appreciate their intricate form. Fuchsias don’t like wet feet, so don’t over water. I have yet to get one to last through the winter. Maybe this year…

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