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fringed bleeding heart

On 17, May 2011 | No Comments | In shade | By All Year Garden

A friend and fellow gardener gave me these fringed bleeding heart seeds which I sprinkled over the shady flower bed in the back yard at the end of fall. Next spring I got the wonderful surprise to see these new plants growing.

The fringed bleeding heart is a native of the Appalachian mountains, and it likes rich moist soils in woodland shade. It can do well in full sun if the soil is not getting too dry.

An unpretentious perennial, the fringed bleeding heart doesn’t grow very tall, only 1 or 2 feet, but it is a reliable and long blooming plant that dons pink flowers from June to the end of October. As you can see here, mine bloomed early. It doesn’t die back in mid summer like its noble cousin, and the fringed airy leaves create nice contrast and texture in the garden long into the fall.

It spreads quite easily and it doesn’t mind being moved. There is also a white variety, but it is less often encountered.

This plant does really well in zones 4 through 9