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ornamental grasses

On 08, Nov 2011 | No Comments | In wintergarden | By All Year Garden

A little bit of color right before the monochromatic winter garden. This year the ornamental grass is spoiling me with beautiful oranges and deep reds, in addition to the fluffy panaches that will last all winter. Fountain grass is highly undervalued for its great landscaping qualities. Yes, landscapers know its qualities and use them well, but for the rest of us it would not be the first choice when we visit a nursery.

That is a pity, really, since after November draws the line for the end of the growing season, fountain grasses are some of the few plants that will enchant your eye for quite a few months. They are stately and imposing, and exquisitely pretty up close. The velvety seedpods have the deep color and rich texture of chenille yarn.

The beauty in the picture is “Maiden Hair”, if you are interested (a.k.a. Miscanthus sinensis ‘Gracillimus’).

There are of course the well appreciated Zebra Grasses, the Fountain Grass with its wheat like spikes, the Blue Fescue, the Pink Champagne, the Bunny Tails, you add your own if you please…